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The Calderdale Family History Society has small, dedicated teams of members working on a series of projects to make research for our members easier and more productive.

We publish the results of this work in various ways :-

  • On CDs which can be purchased.
  • Onto the Society’s databases available at our Research Room at Brighouse Library.
  • On FindMyPast site as “Pay per View”
  • Burials data is included on the National Burial Index (NBI) available from GENfair

Monumental Inscriptions

A team transcribes and publishes inscriptions from monuments and gravestones in graveyards in our area. The results are available in our Monumental Publications List.

In April 2019, a project was begun to transcribe all the Monumental Inscriptions at King Cross Cemetery.   There are approximately 3000 headstones, which have been photographed aand used for transcription.  By October 2019, all the transcriptions & validations have been completed, and work is in progress indexing all the entries for ease of access, once published.

School Admissions.

  • In May 2019, we started a project to transcribe 59 School Admissions registers for the Calderdale area.   These will complement the recently completed School Log Books project.   As with School Log Books, we have split the transcription into 3 sections, to cover South/East, Central/ North & West Calderdale.   As each section is completed, a CD will be published & all the associated data will be made available, free of charge, to Society members.   We hope to have the South/East Calderdale stage completed by late 2019.   By October 2019, 70% of the transcription for the first stage has been completed.

Completed Projects in the last 12 months

  • The Monumental Inscriptions for Rastrick Cemetery were completed & published in July 2018 & are available on CD, at the Research Room and, for Members, through the Transcription Index on this website.
  • The Monumental Inscriptions for St John, Clifton & the Clifton Municipal Cemetery were completed in November 2018 & the results published on a CD the same month. These are also available at the Research Room and, for Members, through the Transcription Index on this website. Further additions to this source have been completed by January 2019 and are now available as part of this data.
  • Piece Hall Subscribers.   This data shows details of the traders who subscribed & traded from the Piece Hall at the time it opened in 1778.   These are available as a download file only, as there is insufficient data to warrant a CD.
  • Greetland Undertaker. This data shows details of people whose funeral was undertaken by the firm of Ely Furness, between the years 1896 to 1927.   members can obtain an image of the page involved for any burial, which shows information about costs, type of coffin & other interesting information.   These are available as a download file only, as there is insufficient data to warrant a CD.
  • School Log Books.  We have digitised the 94 School Log Books held by West Yorkshire Archives.   We then transcribed “events” associated with named people in those Logs, which are being published.   Researchers can now apply to the Archives to view the relevant pages, or come to our Research Room in Brighouse to view them. Members of our Society are able to request, free of charge, access to these pages, through our Search Coordinator.   Stage 1, for South/East Calderdale, was completed in December 2017, stage 2, for Central/North, in November 2018 & stage 3, for West Calderdale, in March 2019.   All data is available on the 3 CD’s and reference to these can be made through our Transcription index.

All these transcriptions are available through the usual channels.

Future Projects

  • Following the re-siting of Square Church headstones in Lister Lane cemetery we have been revising the Monumental Inscriptions for that church.  Once all the re-siting has been completed, we will update the relevant database & publication.

If you have any suggestions for future projects, please let our Project Coordinator know.