Enquiry Service

Last updated on September 28th, 2021 at 08:06 pm

The Society offers a number of Search facilities, depending on what is required and how you wish it to be sent to you. These services are provided through our Enquiry Coordinator and the details are given below.

Data Sets

Searches from our published Parish Registers

The data available is from any published Parish Register that appears on our publications list – £1.00 per name.

Searches from the 1851 Census for Halifax and District

For 1851, in the Halifax District, searches will be conducted for each name requested, and, where found, a transcribed copy of the full household, as enumerated, will be provided. There is also an initial Index Search facility available which, for a given surname, will return a line for all entries for that name giving Forename, Surname, age, Halifax Township and ED, Folio and Schedule details.

For full household search – £1.50 per name

For initial Index search – if returned to you via E-Mail – £1.50 per name. If returned to you by post, on paper, £2.00 per name, except for the names Greenwood, Smith and Sutcliffe, which are £2.50 per name on paper.

War Dead 1914-19

As much detail as possible should be given for this search – £1.50 per name.

Searches from LDS database – Family Search

£1.50 per name.


A stray is defined as someone who appears in records where you would not expect them (eg. Someone born in Halifax found living alone in a household in Romford).
We have a Strays database compiled from contributions from a number of Yorkshire Societies. Members who require a search of the Strays Index may request one with a minimum donation of £1 per name.

Detail Required for any enquiry

Please provide as much detail as you can. Vague requests such as John Smith somewhere near Halifax, are unlikely to be successful. The more detail you can give, the more likelihood there is of success.
MONTHS should be spelt out rather than by number (e.g. Dec. rather than 12) due to different conventions around the world and the change in calendar in 1752, as, in years prior to that date, Dec. was the TENTH month.
Please use BLOCK CAPITALS for names and places to avoid errors.

Method of Enquiry and Payment

By Post. Enquiries should include a Stamped-Addressed Envelope and a payment cheque, made out to “Calderdale FHS”, in Sterling currency. For overseas enquiries, 2 IRCs are required, unless you can receive the results by E-Mail, in which case an SAE is not required. Via the Internet. Enquiries can be placed via the GENfair bookstall www.genfair.co.uk where payment can be made by Credit Card and in local currency. There is a minimum charge of £3.00 on orders made through Genfair.

Who to Contact

When enquiring directly to the Society by E-mail or by Post, the details needed are:
E-mail: search@cfhsweb.co.uk
Post: Susan Lord, 288, Halifax Road, Hove Edge, BRIGHOUSE, West Yorkshire HD6 2PB