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Last updated on May 22nd, 2019 at 02:29 pm


A warm welcome to you from the Calderdale FHS. Founded in 1985, we are a group of family historians who help each other with their research. We are dedicated to ancestry, genealogy and family search in Halifax, West Yorkshire and the surrounding area. On this web site you will find information about the Society, the area and the research interests of our members.

One of the benefits to members local to Halifax are the monthly meetings at Maurice Jagger Centre, every 4th Thursday of each month (Except December) starting at 7:30pm. To see the Syllabus of speakers, click on the menu bar “About Us” & select “Monthly Meetings”.

In the autumn of 2013, we implemented a full index of approximately 750,000 names of people who appear on our transcribed publications. The index entry gives a summary of the event, and the full detail is available in the relevant publication. This is a unique and valuable tool to help you find easily whether or not we hold information about someone of interest to you.

Over the years since the index went on to the website, we have added more records so it now contains 1.2 Million entries

Before you use this facility you may find it useful to read the “Guidance Notes”. To see these, click here.

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Posts will contain news and updates from Officers of the Society. You will see the latest posts listed at the bottom of each page. Each post will be indexed into categories which are listed in the ‘Post Subjects’ box at the bottom right of each page. 

The forum is open to all members. Use it to offer and ask for help, share  information or discuss matters concerning family history. Anyone can see extracts from the Forum at the bottom left of a page but you need to be a member of the Society to see the full message. (Members of the Society:  the forum is under the Members’ area and you will need to enter your username and password using the menu on the right.)

Use the menus at the top of each page to navigate around the site. Some menus will show more than one page title. You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the title at the top of the page or by clicking on the word Home.

We are working on enabling users to adjust the size of the font on any page. If you have  a mouse with a roller, you can adjust the size of a page by pressing the CTRL key and rotating the roller. Alternatively, press and hold the CTRL key then use the + and – keys to adjust the page