Last updated on October 22nd, 2022 at 04:07 pm

Value Added Tax (VAT) and GENfair

This affects members within the European Community (EU) who trade with us through GENfair.
Due to the increasing popularity of trading over the Internet, GENfair’s turnover is such that it is registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) and so charges VAT on Fiche, Searches and CDs. The effect on our prices are as follows:

  • All prices quoted on our website and in our Publications price list are exclusive of VAT.
  • Any fiche purchased through GENfair carries VAT and thus is effectively increased in price by 20%
  • Any searches you order carry VAT
  • The prices for all printed products and for all Memberships are zero-rated for VAT.

All GENfair prices for each product show the VAT element which appears on the final “Basket Review”. However, once you enter your “Country” during the final processing, the VAT is removed for anyone outside the EU (eg USA, Australia etc.), so leaving the end price ex-VAT, as it was before.
If you wish to avoid paying VAT on these items, you can order any of them by post directly from Society by a sterling cheque for the correct amount. This, of course, will cost you the price of a stamp and envelope.
For members who live in outside the EU the cheapest way is probably still via Credit Card through GENfair.
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