Coronavirus (Covid19) Policy Statement

Calderdale FHS – Policies during the Coronavirus outbreak – 2020

  1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to detail the policy adopted by Calderdale FHS during the Coronavirus (Covid19) outbreak, which will be agreed by the Society’s committee.

It covers the main objective & then the detail of activities affected.

It may be changed as time progresses, after agreement with the Chairman & any relevant committee members.

  1. Main Objective.

The aim is to give the membership a clear statement on how Society activities will change during the outbreak, how long those changes will last, what provision is being made to alleviate any problems & how and when  any detail will be updated.

The main principle is to ensure that what we do is in line with Government guidelines, as, to do otherwise, may put us at odds with other organisations trying to protect against the virus.   We also have a responsibility to protect our volunteers, many of whom are over 70 years of age & also to respect their wishes on how they want to protect themselves.

The 6 areas under consideration are :-

  • General Monthly Meetings.
  • Annual General Meeting & Lunch.
  • Committee Meetings
  • Research Room.
  • West Yorkshire Archives
  • Calderdale Libraries.

The outside bodies associated with these are Calderdale Council, West Yorkshire Archive Service, Maurice Jagger Centre, the proposed venue for the AGM in April and the individual speakers booked for our General Meetings.    Most of these will have their own policies, which, at the time of writing, we are trying to discover.

We will review all the policies below at least monthly, with a view to amending, scrapping or extending the conditions.

  1. General Monthly Meetings.

The policy adopted by Maurice Jagger Centre has a bearing on these.   If they choose to close down for a given period, then we would have no immediate venue, regardless of whether or not we wished to meet.

We have struggled over the last few months to increase the numbers attending these meetings, so, given members’ understandable reticence to attend gatherings, as well as impending restrictions likely to be imposed by the government, attendances would be very small, even if we were to decide to go ahead.

As of Monday 16th March, is seems likely that most of our members (over 70’s) will either be advised, or compelled, to self-isolate for a period up to 4 months (therefore into July).   Of course, this may change, but we should work, at present, to this date.

Consequently, we will cancel the meetings of March 26th & April 23rd (AGM) immediately & review that for May 28th in 4 weeks’ time.   The speaker for March 26th will be notified & an E-Mail sent to all local members.

  1. AGM & Annual Lunch.

In line with the policy in 3 above, the lunch will be cancelled & the AGM postponed until a later date (to be decided).   All those members who have paid for their lunch will have their payments refunded.

  1. Committee Meetings.

The next Committee meeting, due on April 14th will be cancelled.   However, the Chairman or Secretary will circulate details of any urgent items that would have been discussed at the meeting & committee members will be invited to pass their comments to be considered before any relevant decisions are made.

The further date of June 9th (or 16th) will be reviewed at a monthly review well before that date.   Whether or not it goes ahead will depend on the situation at the time.

  1. Research Room.

This is due to be closed for 2 weeks in April anyway, for ceiling repairs to be carried out.   Given that most of our visitors there & just about all our volunteers are over 70 years of age, it seems likely that visitor numbers will be sparse.

Tuesday March 17th & Thursday March 19th will be covered by 1 volunteer, due to it being very close in time.   After that, the Research Room will close until the end of April, at the earliest.  A decision on whether to extend that date will be taken at the next review date, in mid-April.

  1. West Yorkshire Archives.

As yet we have not heard from them on what their opening policy is & if/when they will review it.    We need to know this to advise our members who might otherwise wish to visit them.

  1. Libraries

As with WY Archives, we need to know what their policy is, particularly as it may affect any decisions on the Research Room.   At present (Mon 16th March) Brighouse Library intends to continue their usual opening hours.   They have told us that they will tell us if or when that policy changes.