School Admissions

Last updated on August 15th, 2020 at 03:07 pm

School Admissions for East and South Calderdale are now available on CD for the schools listed below. Other areas of Calderdale will be made available to members only in the first instance through the transcription index as the become available until the next CD is made available to purchase.

CD price is £5.50.
Download price is £5.00.

A summary of what is available on CD is here:

School Location Period Covered
Brighouse Girls Secondary Brighouse 1906 to 1919
Brookfoot Evening Southowram 1906 to 1908
Brookfoot Primary Southowram 1878 to 1919
Caddy Field Southowram 1911 to 1919
Clifton Evening Brighouse 1908 to 1910
Elland Board Elland 1906 to 1916
Greetland Board Elland 1875 to 1898
Greetland Infants Elland 1897 to 1919
Greetland Mixed Elland 1898 to 1919
Rastrick Common Brighouse 1900 to 1919
Rastrick Grammar School Brighouse 1901 to 1919
St Martins National Brighouse 1865 to 1901
St Martins National Brighouse 1908 to 1916
St Martins Boys Brighouse 1895 to 1907
St Martins Infants Brighouse 1901 to 1912
St Martins Evening Brighouse 1903 to 1905
St Martins Exclusions Brighouse 1899 to 1900