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Calderdale FHS – Members’ Interests

Members’ Interests are lists of surnames that our Society members have listed as both having information on them or requiring information that they can’t yet find.

The system works by us putting together willing people to give each other assistance on their research.

You will have arrived on this page from …

The Family History Federation (FHF) website.

You have found a surname of interest that you wish to follow up.

Return to the FHF and :-

-“Select” the rows that you want by clicking on the box to the LH side of the entry.

-“Click” on the “Copy” icon to the right of the “Columns” (RH side of screen).

-“Paste” it into an E-Mail & send that E-Mail to together with your name & the E-mail address that you would like us to reply to, if it is different from the E-mail address that you are currently using.   You may also wish to add any extra detail to help encourage a response.

What happens next ?

Once our Search Coordinator receives your E-mail, she will contact our Society member & pass on the details that you have sent us.   It will then be up to that person to contact you to allow a conversation between you to start.

We hope that our members will reply to you, so that everyone benefits from your request.