Members’ Interests – Guidance

Last updated on April 22nd, 2018 at 05:17 pm

This guidance is available as a PDF file here


You can maintain your Members’ Interests names by clicking on the item “Members’ Area” on the main menu bar (last but one item on the right) and select :-

  • Search Interests
  • Edit Your Interests

Search Interests: to find out if another member has entered the name you want. The search is for either an exact match or for variations. Variants are selected based on the soundex code (see for details)
The results will look like this:

When searching Interests for a name, those found will be displayed along with E-mail addresses of the members who have listed them.   All you need to do is to click on that E-Mail address and your system will display an empty E-Mail addressed to the member concerned.   Complete your request for information and send off the E-Mail! If the member registering an interest does not have an eMail address, the contact is the Membership Secretary who will send you the postal address for the member.

Edit Your Interests:this displays all the names that you have entered previously yourself and allows you to add, delete or amend your list of names.   A summary of changes is displayed to you whenever you complete any amendments. When making an entry you will need to give this information:

  • The surname
  • The place where the people lived and the county of the place (this is the ‘chapman code’ –  see for a full list)
  • The period you know about (this is for other users to ask you for information)
  • The period that you are looking for information about (for others to help you)

The periods are described by two dates: From and To. If you know the period, you enter the beginning year and the end year, If you are not sure, you enter the word Start as the ‘From’ date and Now as the ‘To’ date

For example: You are interested in the Tyzack family in Halifax and you know about them from 1900 to the present. You would like information for the period from 1750 to 1900.

Name Place County







TYZACK Halifax WRY 1900 Now 1750 1900
TYZACK Huddersfield WRY 1900 Now Start 1900

The screen for updating looks like this:


To change any detail of an existing entry, type the new detail in the appropriate box.

To add a new interest, click the ‘Add Row’ button. You will get a blank row below the exiting entries. Now enter the details

To delete an entry, click the appropriate ‘Check to Remove’ box. In  the example, The entry for Ham will be removed.


When you have made your changes, click the update button.