Members’ Area Overview

Last updated on December 28th, 2018 at 05:48 pm

Information about the Society

The Society operates under a Constitution.

Data Protection

As a “Not for Profit” organisation, we are not required to notify the Data Protection Registrar regarding the holding of personal data. However, you should know that we hold the personal data that you provide us on the Society’s computers. Furthermore, we make this information available to other members when  you register “Members’ Interests”. If you either do not want us to hold your details on our computer and/or you do not want your details made available to other members as described above, please contact our Membership Secretary by letter or by e-mail to

Insurance Exclusions

The Personal Accident Insurance which we hold for certain activities undertaken by our Members is limited to cover for those members up to and including age 75. Consequently, any member 76 or over, who is concerned about taking part in specific Society activities, should contact our Membership Secretary at for clarification.

Executive Committee and Officers

Details of the Executive committee can be found here
Details of the jobs of the Society Officers are here