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This Index has been compiled from the databases that Calderdale FHS has created by transcribing original documents (e.g. Parish Registers). To get the best out of the Transcription Index, there are some items to consider. Items to amend to reduce the selection are :-

Surname and Forename.

The purpose of the "Any Part' option is to allow alternative spellings. So, to get variations of a name (eg Sutcliffe), check the "Any Part' box and enter the name Sutclif. Results will be given for Sutclif, Sutcliff and Sutcliffe - or, indeed, Essutclif !! Particularly for early years, this option is useful, because of the variations of spelling. To identify more variables, it may be necessary to do more than one enquiry. An example of this is the name Helliwell, which has variations as He(l)liwel(l), Hal(l)iwel(l), Hel(l)owel(l), Hel(l)awel(l) and some others. An "Any Part' of "Hel' would give some but not all. You would have to do further "Any Part' enquiries to get names starting "Hal'. Click the "Any Part' box to the right of the surname or forename fields Leaving the forename blank will give every entry of the given surname The date field will be ignored if Monumental Inscriptions is selected

Event Year.

Putting an Event Year in narrows down the selection. Entering a year will only present events for that year. The range can be widened by selecting the drop down box '+ / -' and selecting a value from the list. So a date entered of 1850 together with a range of 5 will give a range of events from 1845 to 1855. The date field will be ignored if Monumental Inscriptions is selected

Event Type.

The system defaults to 'All' Event Types, but any particular Event Type can be selected from the drop-down menu for that field (e.g. Baptisms).

Monumental Inscriptions

Monumental Inscriptions (MI) records only have the surname and place of the memorial. If you select Event Type = 'All' you will get all the records for the criteria you selected AND all the MI records for the surname.

Census 1851

When choosing 'All' and selecting a date range that does not include 1851 you will not see any census records

Guidance Boxes.

There are a number of small blue circles with a question mark ? on them on the screen. If you click on one of these, it will give you a brief reminder of the facility offered for the field it is next to.

Getting detailed Information for any Event.

The index gives a certain level of information about any event. The pieces of information given are :- The information will allow you to pursue your investigations through other sources (e.g. if you have a subscription to Ancestry). The full transcript is given in the related publication. This can be obtained by purchasing the publication (generally a CD or a downloadable file). Look under the menu 'Publications' on the website These Event Types do not have associated publications:- The full transcript of any record can be obtained in one of two ways :-

Purchasing the Relevant Dataset

You can purchase the relevant dataset. Clicking on the right column will bring up details of how to acquire the dataset.


We are always happy to get feedback on any facility that we offer, particularly when it is new. If you have any difficulties or comments to make about this facility, please use the enquiry form at the Contact Us menu. Or you can add your comments to the post here