Parishes of Calderdale

The following is a list of Parishes in Calderdale and there distance from Halifax and the nearest Towns to them.

Parish Township Distance from Halifax Distance from nearest main town Distance
Bailiff Bridge Hipperholme-Cum-Brighouse 4.2 miles west Brighouse 2 miles north
Barkisland Barkisland 6.3 miles south-west Sowerby Bridge 2 miles south
Brighouse Hipperholme-Cum-Brighouse 4.3 miles south-east Brighouse
Clifton Hipperholme-Cum-Brighouse 5.7 miles south-east Brighouse 1.9 miles east
Coley Hipperholme-Cum-Brighouse 3.4 miles north-east Brighouse 3.3 miles north-west
Copley Skircoat 3.4 miles south Halifax 3.4 miles south
Elland Elland-cum-Greetland 4.2 miles south Elland
Erringden Erringden 11 miles west Hebden Bridge 3.1 miles south-west
Fixby Fixby 7.6 miles south-west Elland 2.6 miles east
Greetland Elland-cum-Greetland 3.8 miles south Elland 1.4 miles west
Halifax Halifax Halifax
Hartshead 7.2 miles east Brighouse 3.4 miles east
Hebden Bridge Wadsworth 8.5 miles west Hebden Bridge
Heptonstall Heptonstall 9.8 miles west Hebden Bridge 1.9 miles north-west
Hipperholme-Cum-Brighouse Hipperholme-Cum-Brighouse 2.8 miles east Brighouse 2.5 miles north-west
Holmfield Ovenden 2.4 miles north Halifax 2.4 miles north
Illingworth Ovenden 3.1 miles north-west Halifax 3.1 miles north-west
King Cross Skircoat 1.5 miles west Halifax 1.5 miles west
Langfield Langfield 10 miles south-west Todmorden 1 mile south-east
Lightcliffe Hipperholme-Cum-Brighouse 3.4 miles east Brighouse 2.7 miles north
Luddenden Warley 5.7 miles west Sowerby Bridge 3.1 miles north-west
Midgley Midgley 6.8 miles west Hebden Bridge 2.8 miles south-east
Mount Tabor Warley 3.7 miles north-west Halifax 3.7 miles north-west
Mytholmroyd Erringden 6.9 miles west Hebden Bridge 1.6 miles south-east
Norland Norland 4.2 miles south-west Sowerby Bridge 1.4 miles south-east
Northowram Northowram 2.5 miles north-east Halifax 2.5 miles north-east
Ovenden Ovenden 1.8 miles north-west Halifax 1.8 miles north-west
Pecket Well Wadsworth 10.1 miles north-west Hebden Bridge 1.9 miles north
Pellon Ovenden 1.8 miles north-west Halifax 1.8 miles north-west
Queensbury Northowram 3.9 miles north Halifax 3.9 miles north
Rastrick Rastrick 4.9 miles south-east Brighouse 0.6 miles south-west
Ripponden Barkisland 6.1.miles south-west Sowerby Bridge 2.7 miles south-west
Rishworth Rishworth 7.3.miles south-west Elland 6.1 miles south-west
Salterhebble Skircoat 2.2 miles south Halifax 2.2 miles south
Shelf Shelf 3.7 miles north-east Halifax 3.7 miles north-east
Siddal Southowram 1.8 miles south Halifax 1.8 miles south
Skircoat Skircoat 2.1 miles south Halifax 2.1 miles south
Southowram Southowram 1.9 miles south-east Halifax 1.9 miles south-east
Sowerby Sowerby 4.6 miles south-west Sowerby Bridge 1.2 miles west
Sowerby Bridge Warley 3.4 miles south-west Sowerby Bridge
Sowood Stainland 5.8 miles south Elland 2.7 miles south-west
Soyland Soyland 6.5 miles south-west Sowerby Bridge 3.1 miles south-west
Stainland Stainland 5.1 miles south Elland 2 miles south-west
Stansfield Stansfield 12 miles north-west Todmorden 0.4 miles north-east
Todmorden Stansfield 12.9 miles west Todmorden
Triangle Sowerby 4.6 miles south-west Sowerby Bridge 1.1 miles south-west
Wadsworth Wadsworth 16 miles north-west Hebden Bridge 1.5 miles north-east
Wainstalls Warley 4.3 miles north-west Halifax 4.3 miles north-west
Walsden Langfield 14.3 miles west Todmorden 1.8 miles south
Warley Warley 3.4 miles west Sowerby Bridge 1.4 miles north