Halifax 1851 census CD – miscellaneous errors

Last updated on March 14th, 2019 at 04:02 pm

Since the release of the Halifax 1851 CD v2.0, 6 data errors have been identified, which have the effect of separating these entries from their correct households. These are listed below, with the corrections shown.
1. Uttley Betty aged 17 Ovenden ED 20 Folio 56 Sch. No. 42 should be Folio 366
2. Haigh William aged 19 Northowram ED 1s Folio 33 Sch. No. 12 should be Folio 338
3. Helm Martha aged 25 Warley ED 3c Folio 37 Sch. No. 44 should be Folio 387
4. Shadwell Elizabeth aged 42 Halifax ED 1x Folio 54 Sch. No. 103 should be Folio 548
5. Sutcliffe Thomas aged 32 Halifax ED 1x Folio 54 Sch. No. 104 should be Folio 548
6. Sutcliffe Frank aged 5 Halifax ED 1x Folio 54 Sch. No. 104 should be Folio 548
We apologise for these errors which will be corrected on the next release of the CD. Those people with v2.0 may wish to print these details out to keep with the CD.
The version number can be found in the text file General/VersionLog.txt and is the last entry on that file. The version number is also contained in the title of the CD, so that if you have a CD with the title CFHSCENSV20 this is Version 2.0
19 February 2005

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