Welcome to Calderdale FHS

Last updated on March 25th, 2023 at 04:37 pm


Database and Transcription Index Changes:

Work is progressing on identifying our next Transcription Project, details will be given once the Project details have been finalised and a start has been made.

Our Next Meeting:

April Meeting, Thursday, 27 April @ 7.30pm

Annual General Meeting
Followed by: Essentials of using CFHS On-Line Database by Peter Lord

The Society has had an On-Line Database accessible to members on the Calderdale FHS website and comprising some 2.5m+ records for around 2 years. For those who have an interest in knowing all the detail, there is a YouTube video lasting 40 minutes to enlighten you.

However, members may find it useful to watch a “cut-down” version of this video to make them more familiar with how to get the best out of its use. So, after the AGM, 4 short videos will be shown to cover the more important parts of the On-Line Database operation. There will be an opportunity to ask questions after each element.

Welcome to Calderdale FHS

Founded in 1985 we are a group of Family Historians who help each other, and the general public, with research into their ancestors. We are dedicated to ancestry, genealogy and family search in Halifax, West Yorkshire and the surrounding area. Full details of everything we offer can be found using the drop-down menu bar above.
However, the most important & well-used facilities are listed below. Click on the title of the sections below to go to use that facility.

Transcription Index – Search the index for over 2m records that have been transcribed over the years the Society – your long, lost, ancestor may be amongst them!

Publications – Look to see what publications we offer to help you, these are only available as downloadable files.

Projects – See what projects we are doing which may help you in the near future. New information is becoming available all the time.

Enquiry Service – The Society offers an enquiry service to all our data, for details of what is on offer click the link in the heading or follow the drop-down menu under Research..

Benefits of Membership – Membership of the Society starts from as little as £6 per annum. Benefits include :-

  • The Scrivener – 4 informative family history related Journals every year.
  • Access to other members’ Interests through our “Members Area” on the Society website www.cfhsweb.com.
  • Use of the On-line Databases, either directly or through the Transcription Index, access from the “Members Area”
  • Free searches for the full detail of every item on the Transcription Index.
  • A monthly meeting at the Maurice Jagger Centre in Halifax every 4th Thursday, also via Zoom. Click to see the current syllabus.
  • Ability to contribute to the on-line forum.

Click here to apply for details on how to apply for membership.

Map of the Area

Calderdale FHS Area Map