School Logs added to transcription Index

As the School Logs Project progresses, we are now completing the transcriptions of a number of schools. Whilst we have not yet got sufficient to publish a CD, as members you can benefit from access to the records already transcribed.
We have put on the Transcriptions Index on our website, an entry for each person identified on the School Logs completed. These will be added to month by month and we will advise you which schools have gone on in the previous month in our monthly Newsletter
There is a single entry on the Index showing the first date that the log mentions the person concerned. If you request a search from our Search Coordinator, you will be sent a list of every entry on the log for that person. Each entry will show the page number of the log on which it appears. If you want to see the actual page, with the full narrative about the event concerned, all you need to do is to email our Search Coordinator ( quoting the per son, school and page number, that you wish to see. You will then be sent a file containing 10 or 20 pages of the log which contains the page you are interested in. Local members can call in at our Research Room at Brighouse Library and browse through all the records we have, including the image files of the actual School Logs.