Halifax Guardian Births, Marriages & Deaths

The Calderdale Reference Library have now completed their mammoth task of transcribing nearly 400,000 BMD notices from the Halifax Guardian newspaper, from 1832 to 1921.   These are now available on the Library website www.calderdale.gov.uk.

In addition, they are now also on our Society’s Transcription Index, so any member who is logged on with their membership username can request a transcription, free of charge.   This will list all the names, and their relationships, one to another, of the people featuring in the newspaper notice.

This is a major new source of information for the 2nd half of the 19th century & the start of the 20th.

4 thoughts on “Halifax Guardian Births, Marriages & Deaths

  1. Just found this and have applied for details on 4 baptisms. Fingers crossed for a favourable result. Thank you

    Jane Milne

  2. This is a great resource. Do you have any plans on selling a CD of the Guard transcriptions?


    • We try to put as much of our data on to CD as possible, as well as making it available as downloads through Genfair. In the case of Halifax Guardian BMDs, the data does not belong to us, but to Calderdale Reference Library. We have access to it because we helped them on the technical aspects when they were compiling their database. In return, they allowed us to hold the data on our computer facility within our Research Room at Brighouse Library. You can access the basic index through the library section of the Calderdale website http://www.calderdale.gov.uk but to get more information, particularly for marriages, members can use our free search facility through our transcription index. Alternatively, you can contact the Reference Library who will provide up to 3 requests for information from these indexes FOC. There is no limit to the number of times you can send in 3 requests, although we recommend leaving it for 24 hours from one to the other.

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