Exchange Journals – a new facility

As some of you may know, for a number of years we have exchanged journals with other Family History
Societies, including some from abroad. Up to now, these have only been available to local members, as we only had one hard copy of each journal, which we made available at our monthly meetings.
Some societies are discontinuing the exchange process because of cost, but others, including ourselves, have agreed to exchange electronically.
The Journals are available to members under the Member’s area

New Members

A warm welcome to the our new members:

1323 D and M McCallum zen118146
3538 Dr R Shaw cynleornere
3539 Ms L Butler lizbutler
3540 Mr D Lakey daryllakey
3541 Mrs J Dowling june.dowling
3543 Mrs S Barrow susan.barrow
3544 Mr R Binns randabinns
3545 Lady R Scott scottrc
3551 Mr J Dixon James.Dixon1940
3546 Mrs M Sayer mandysayer43
3353 Mr P R Wood Peter-wood

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